Efficient Direct Mail Services Provider for Maximum Results


Just to process your mailing list, without the need for Direct Mail Center to mail.

Process your database through one or multiple programs, and then receive your updated list usually within 24 hours. With each of these programs, you will be returned a comprehensive list and easy reporting so you will have complete understanding of the results and/or the next step you need to take in-house.

Please select from the following items, or send an email with a specific request here.


images/home/ncoa2.jpg Details here

º new addresses of movers
º goes back 48 months
º licensed by the post office
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Presort Services

images/home/presort.jpg Details here

º Presort for discount
º Barcode the mail piece
º Save on postage
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images/home/mergepurge.jpg Details here

º Merge multiple databases
º Purge by database priority
º Eliminate duplicates
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Duplicate Elimination

images/home/dupe.jpg Details here

º Eliminate duplicates
º Cost Savings
º Unique Addresses
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C.A.S.S. Certification

images/home/cass.jpg Details here

º Standardize Addresses
º Find bad addresses
º Certify for barcode
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Custom Programming

images/home/programming.jpg Details here

º Database creation
º Data manipulation
º Custom reports
º email us for more info

Mail Preference List

images/home/maillist.jpg Details here

º Define your list
º Geographic target area
º looking for specific customers
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Response Analysis

images/home/response.jpg Details here

º calculate response
º improve mailing campaign
º customer response
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